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Author Visits

Classroom Workshops
What were young black Americans going through in 1968? Why write a book that features both the non-violent civil rights movement and The Black Panthers? What can young people today learn from studying this time in history?

Kekla answers these questions, and many more, in a dynamic, interactive classroom workshop focusing on The Rock and the River. Kekla incorporates readers' theater, discussion, photos and video, and Q&A about the book and her writing process to guide young people toward a deeper understanding of the truths behind the story. Program length and content are flexible, based on the interests and needs of each audience, but the exploration of historical facts and themes centering on the civil rights movement of the 1960s makes this presentation a must-see for readers of all ages.

Kekla is based in New York City, but she visits classrooms around the country to talk about The Rock and the River, the civil rights movement, and her work as an author.

Email for rates and scheduling.

Book Signings
Kekla will happily visit your school, bookstore or other location for a signing event, either alone or along with other authors. Email for scheduling. 

About the Author
Kekla Magoon holds a Master of Fine Arts in Writing from Vermont College and a Bachelor of Arts in History from Northwestern University. She is a full-time author/writer and speaker. The Rock and the River is her first novel, and she has also written several non-fiction titles for young adults. Kekla has worked with youth-serving non-profit organizations in New York and Chicago, and has over ten years of experience leading educational and extracurricular programs for young people.
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